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The Barn Show, 2016 




These are the progress pictures of the piece. We each worked on the piece three times. By not giving any influence of each others approach for the initial work session we were able to bring out our true artistic reactions to the canvas. As time progress we came up the concept and brought together our conscious and subconscious ideas.




Collaboration with Anna Prezioso

Italian Backstreets Mural, 2015

Progress of this mural has been documented through the instagram page and now to the full effect in this slideshow. The mural was created in a kitchen space on a corner of two walls. The project was preplanned with a theme of the Italian rustic streets. Research images in the first few slides show my travels to Civita, Italy.




Collaboration with Brannon Burnett.


Live Art Mural, 2014





I was asked to be one of the live painters at an ArtzBaazar event at ArtJamz. My inspiration was an angel sketch I had done and I used that as my inspiration. Being in the atmosphere and working with the brick as my canvas I was able to use that to create a large scale street art mural.




Mural Project at ArtJamz

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